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Pictures from KD5ZIP
This is a photo of a hailstone from the March 31 storm.04/10/05
VARC at the American Red Cross "Together We Prepare" Day.01/17/05
KD5WCT at the American Red Cross Day at the Riverfront Park.01/17/05
KD5WCT making a contact.01/17/05
W5WAF making a QSO at the Riverfront Park.01/17/05
A stormspotting picture over Vicksburg05/13/04
Another stormspotting picture05/13/04

Pictures from N5PF
The VARC along with the fire department in a bucket truck erecting a tower for an contact with the ISS08/09/04
N5JGK and the fire department installing the antenna for the contact08/09/04
W5WAF, N5JGK, K5NRK, and some Vicksburg High School students contacting the ISS08/09/04
KE5K taking down a section of tower08/09/04
The VARC taking down a tower08/09/04
The VARC putting up a tower at the Vicksburg High School for Field Day08/09/04
The VARC contacting away at Field Day08/09/04

Pictures from KD5WCN
W5XX and N5JGK working on the linking antenna for the 147.270 repeater05/14/04
Another picture of work on the K5ZRO repeater05/14/04